About Us

Matty Lupinacci - Vocals/Guitar

Chris Lynam - Vocals/Guitar

Mike Drinkwalter - Bass

Jayson Howard - Drums

Era of Pop Culture

Is Gone Stereo a pandemic band? WTF does that even mean? There’s much to be said about “pandemic bands,” or is there? During the bleak middle days of the pandemic, enduring lockdowns and generalized, ambiguous, nagging, suffocating, anxiety, many of us looked to artistic expression to make sense of, cope with, and hopefully even transform our immediate orbits. Maybe in trying to make ourselves happy, bring ourselves up, we could, consciously or unconsciously bring somebody else along… Herein is the story of Gone Stereo.

Matty Lupinacci had played in a number of Long Island punk, indie, and DIY bands throughout the 90’s and aughts, most notably, 48 in the Basement, Whoopie Cushion, Idle Vice, which was a band that had an anchor in punk rock, but was also informed by alternative and indie music. Sometime during quarantine, amid the monotony of work stresses and media sensory overload Matty decided to record some of the songs that were swirling around in his head, as well as some covers he’d always wanted to try. Some of his catchiest, “Don’t Think I Forgot About You,” and “Taste of This” fit right in with some of his Offspring and Allister covers

He demoed a number of songs under the “Lupopunk” moniker, intending for the project to be acoustic in scope, but eventually wound up recording at NADA studios in NY. Bringing those songs to life in the studio convinced Matty that he wanted to continue to write, collaborate and eventually play out, and through a series of beautiful coincidences, wound up working with Chris Lynam and Mike Drinkwalter on guitar and bass respectively.

Chris is also from LI, and has played in pop punk bands Wasted Time, and The Embarrassing Wrecks. On guitar he likes to collaborate to craft and squeeze out as much out of a song as possible.

Mike, a native of Buffalo, who has, like his basslines, bounced all over the country, provides anchor and melody, and serves the song sonically. Thumping along and providing counterpoint and underpinning to the guitars, while locking in with the drummer to form an amazingly solid and musical rhythm section.

Jay Howard, again hailing from Long Island, was naturally asked to play drums. As an amazing musician, Jay keeps a steady beat as a foundation for this fun, fast, and memorable music. He’s played with Matty in Idle Vice, so their musical chemistry is easy, established, and unique.

Each of the quys grew up listening to, and cutting their teeth playing in punk, hardcore, and alternative bands during the 90s and early 2000s; their influences can be heard, but sound fresh in their hands.

Gone Stereo’s originals are immediately familiar with infectious beats, catchy verse melodies and huge choruses that bring to mind all of the best parts of all of their influences throughout his time creating music.

Gone Stereo is slated to play shows across the island and in the immediate surrounding vicinity this summer. They just released their Cover EP “...Has You Covered” on April 22, 2022, and are looking to release their first single sometime in the near future. The band has also booked studio time midsummer to record a follow up EP, and are keeping busy writing and practicing. Keep your GONE STEREO TUNED…Get it?

Matty Lupinacci

Being the tallest in the band, Mr. Matty Lupinacci relies on bullying and intimidation to have his way. The once lead singer of Idle Vice can be found sitting on a throne of empty whiskey bottles from only the finest, most exclusive distilleries. Matty is on a quest to acquire a tattoo that represents every song he has ever written or will write in the future. As a temporary guitarist, a permanent gentleman he harnesses the power of earworms and weaves melodies and harmonies that rival the angels. Hates playing guitar.

Chris Lynam

Chris Lynam attempts to play guitar and sing. We're not entirely sure if we're humoring him, or tolerating him, but we are sure that we keep forgetting to take his number off our band group text. We are also certain that he truly believes that he is funny. If enthusiasm were talent, he'd be unstoppable.

Jayson Howard

Jayson Howard is like a Delorean, a time machine if you will. He builds both time and space for the rest of the band to occupy. A biological anomaly, his heart actually changes its beats per minute to match our songs. He has to sleep with a radio on lest his heart lose its muse. Jayson is tied for handsomest in the band, and although he's never been asked, we're pretty sure he can count past four. Click click click click

Mike Drinkwalter

Mike Drinkwalter plays bass, it's the big one with four strings usually . Unbuffaloed yet from Buffalo, 2022 finds him anchoring the lower frequencies of the juggernaut that is Gone Stereo. He enjoys short walks on the long piers and he shares the title for the best hair in the band. A consummate professional, he plays the correct notes in their proper space and time.